‘The Daily Show’ Laments The One That Got Away Following Hillary’s First Interview Since The Election

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As Trevor Noah put it during Tuesday night’s Daily Show segment on Hillary Clinton’s first formal post-election interview, it’s nice to hear a president speak in full sentences and without the embellishments of over the top hand gestures. Clinton appeared at a Women for Women International event and was interview by Christiane Amanpour about various global and political events. She spoke about North Korea, but also dropped some seriously shady references to November’s election.

In the clip, Clinton talks about her popular vote win more than once and even mentions the exact amount of votes she beat Trump by on November 8th. It’s almost like she knew the president would be inclined to watch the talk at some point and respond to it. There were also references to how to treat a certain North Korean leader when they want attention from powerful governments, as well as other world issues that may or may not be receiving the government’s full focus right now. A Hillary Clinton who has discovered the ability to throw shade now that she doesn’t have to worry about being a professional politician anymore is really nice to have, but it would have been ever better if she wasn’t the one who got away.

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