‘The Daily Show’ Nailed ‘Jeopardy GOAT’ Tucker Carlson To The Wall With A Series Of Relevant Questions

The new Jeopardy! host is, uh, not Fox News host and conspiracy-theorist extraordinaire Tucker Carlson. Whew! Yet it’s not even one person, either, because the show’s executive producer, Mike Richards, will be stepping into full-time host duties (of the syndicated flagship show) along with Mayim Bialik (who’s picking up the primetime and spinoff variants) hosting as well. That decision has already led to enough controversy and sad reactions from LeVar Burton fans, along with a mega-roasting from champ James Holzhaur. Could this possibly be even more of a fiasco? The Daily Show is happy to step up with some tangential chaos.

On Twitter, the Trevor Noah-hosted show wondered, “How did this Jeopardy GOAT not get the hosting gig.” From there, the Comedy Central program offered up its own set of questions that handily revolves around Carlson’s own on-air rhetoric, including, “What is a white supremacist?”

Oh boy. That doozy, of course, revolves around Tucker’s endorsement of the so-called “replacement theory.” Tucker’s refusal to give up that racist theory has also led former The Daily Show correspondent John Oliver to bash Tucker for an entire deep-dive segment while granting him nicknames such as “performatively outraged wedge salad.” That label fits, as does this one from The Daily Show:

Via The Daily Show on Twitter

Funny and accurate. Can’t beat that.