‘The Daily Show’ Isn’t Ready To Let Megyn Kelly Forget Her Fox News Past Following Her NBC Debut

06.06.17 11 months ago 32 Comments

Despite her exit from Fox News, details of what happened behind the scenes, and the turmoil that has surrounded the network in the past year, there are still some who aren’t ready to let go of the past. Trevor Noah and The Daily Show helped bring this feeling to television with their reaction to Kelly’s debut on NBC. Not only are Noah and contributor Michelle Wolf not ready to accept the new version of Megyn Kelly and her glossy Sunday magazine show, they’re prepared to call bullsh*t on her criticism of cable network news after it made her a household name.

Kelly certainly earned some redemption through her debate sparring sessions with Donald Trump and her revelations about Roger Ailes at the height of his sexual harassment scandal, she also spent a decade as one of the main faces of Fox News’ brand of “news.” The combative, rude, loud coverage that dominated cable news schedules and placed Fox News at the top of the ratings chart. She’s still the personality that called Jesus and Santa Claus white, her thoughts on Obamacare on the air until she returned from maternity leave, and thrived on that Fox News brand of shouting over guests. It’s something she’s apparently ditched for her NBC show.

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