‘The Daily Show’ Paid Tribute To Jon Stewart With This Supercut Of Him Acting Like A Goof

Jon Stewart’s run as host of The Daily Show is winding down. As his final show on Aug. 6 approaches, there will surely be dozens of tributes to the work he’s done, and the effect he’s had on the world during his tenure. Daily Show contributor John Hodgman kicked off these tributes last night with a moving video package titled “The Daily Show Remembers Jon Stewart — A Pericles for America,” that he introduced thusly:

“You always set yourself apart from the other television rabble with your skills as a communicator, an eloquent orator blessed with the ability to articulate our nation’s frustrations or glee, with a level of insight and passion that would make history’s greatest wordsmiths hang their head in shame.”

What followed was something like 60-straight seconds of Stewart grunting, squealing, and making funny noises and faces. And nipple play. A surprising amount of nipple play. It’s a good tribute, is what I’m saying.

Jon Stewart: Voice of a Generation.

(Via Comedy Central)