Trevor Noah Was Overwhelmed By Paris’ Humanity In The Wake Of The Recent Terrorist Attacks

Contributing Writer

While the general public tried to wrap their heads around the devastating terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday, those who were on television were tasked with delivering a more immediate response. This seemed especially true for late night programs, as Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher, SNL and John Oliver all offered their thoughts and prayers. On Monday’s Daily Show, it was Trevor Noah’s turn to do the same and he may have knocked it out of the park.

A somber Noah chose his words carefully, suggesting that instead of placing our sole focus on the perpetrators, we should take solace in the kindness of the Parisians who allowed fellow citizens into their homes. He also took a moment to lament a possible change in our general French stereotypes, pledging to maybe start making fun of Finland instead — not the best idea either, if you know your history. In the end, Noah urged people to remember to love before we fight, a sentiment that many in Paris have already taken to heart.

(Via The Daily Show with Trevor Noah)

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