‘The Daily Show’ Takes A Long, Hard Look At Racism In The Adult Film Industry

On Wednesday night’s Daily Show, Roy Wood, Jr. took a look at one of the lesser known issues plaguing the porn industry: Racism. Apparently, pornography is one of the few industries in existence today in which it is still acceptable to discriminate against a person based on the color of their… well, you can figure it out.

Getting to the heart of the matter, Wood spoke with porn star Lisa Ann, best known for her Who’s Nailin Palin porn parody series. Ann, who herself has starred in many interracial adult films, thinks the double-standard is bullcrap, telling him bluntly, “If you’re a porn star, you should love the dick. You shouldn’t care what color it is. And if you really love the dick, you should love working with the black guys!”

But that’s not the only problem. Black adult films themselves tend to be inherently racist, portraying actors as “thugs” or “ghetto,” with titles like Black Wives Matter and 12 Inches a Slave.

While there’s no immediate solution to the issue, Wood says he has a dream of a porn that welcomes every color — white, black, Mexican, and so on — for one porn, one race. Or as he put its, “This is the America I was promised, where everyone can come together and f*ck together.”

Truer words, brother. Truer words.

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