‘The Daily Show’ Did An Investigation Into The Insane Underground Sneaker Market

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For some, the sneaker market is golden and just like any hobby. If you want a nice shoe in your collection, you’re going to pay a lot. Just like any other nice thing you might want to own, like cowboy boots, comic books, porcelain pigs, or even dead pets. Taxidermy is a popular pastime.

Anyway, for someone who is outside the world of sneakers, The Daily Show put together this funny and somewhat insane report on the secondary sneaker market. Not only do we get to learn about the sneaker stock market and take a trip to SneakerCon, but Hasan Minhaj also gets a chance to meet the Sneaker Don. “The Don” is actually a teen who posts his triumphs on Instagram as BenjaminKickz and hangs out with numerous rappers, like Rick Ross and DJ Khaled:

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