‘The Daily Show’ Discussed The ‘Racist’ Boycott Against ‘Star Wars’ By Tackling The Real Issue

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Apparently terrible racists are out there boycotting Star Wars: The Force Awakens with their charming Twitter hashtags and social-media accounts. Or maybe it’s all just a simple act of trolling that wants to get people outraged and gain attention for chuckles. No matter, content is content and trending topics are funny when they go the right way. It also doesn’t meant that there are a bunch of morons in the world who honestly have a problem with John Boyega’s black stormtrooper or dislike Michael B. Jordan as a black version of The Human Torch in Fantastic Four.

That’s where The Daily Show comes in, addressing the trailer release, the social-media craziness surrounding it, the likely fake boycott, and the other examples of racial upheaval in relation to our film properties. It’s a nice segment that covers all the bases, but it covers the real issue that we should be focusing on here: the fact that all of the cool Star Wars canon is now in the trash can.

I feel for Jordan Klepper and his disgust with the loss of the canon. That minutiae is what makes the world go round and what keeps many up at night, pondering what they’ve spent their lives doing. I have entire chest full of Star Wars books that are useless now, you bastards!

On top of all that, there’s a fantastic joke in there about setting yourself on fire being the most “black” thing one could do. The reference is a little dated, but it’s worth it.

(Via The Daily Show)