‘The Daily Show’ Attempts To Make Sense Of Trump’s Attack On Rep. John Lewis With Help From ‘Steve Harvey’

Trevor Noah wants you to know that Steve Harvey deserves a little support after the rough week he’s had. Sure he offended an entire ethnic group of people with his comments about the attractiveness of Asian people, but that was quickly forgotten after the comedian met with Donald Trump on Friday. Harvey justified his appearance with a claim that Obama told him to meet with Trump in an attempt to talk about the differences between both sides and to help the community. There’s also some discussion about helping out Ben Carson, but that is quickly forgotten this time around.

That’s because Roy Wood Jr. comes in as “Steve Harvey,” telling Noah he can easily defend himself for his meeting with Trump before proceeding to “blame” Obama. Harvey is just out there trying to help the community and the people are just overreacting to something that he does every day at his job on Family Feud. If Harvey can’t react and stand around “dumb people” for a living, what else will he do?

Wood credits his mustache for most of his Steve Harvey impression, but it might actually be better than Kenan Thompson’s on SNL. He sticks around throughout the segment as Noah moves on to discuss the kerfuffle between Rep. John Lewis and Trump after the congressman called the president-elect illegitimate. For Noah, the entire situation made it seem like Trump didn’t really know who Lewis was before tweeting, calling it a generic response.

What Harvey and Lewis both represent for Noah is the ongoing debate on how to deal with the incoming administration. Do you resist Trump or do you work with Trump? He tries to tie this in with MLK Day, but Ronnie Chang breaks it up with his baseball bat. That’s what happens when someone pretends to be Steve Harvey.

(Via The Daily Show)