‘The Daily Show’ Dedicates An Entire Episode To Trolling The NRA

The Daily Show invited Katie Couric on as guest to promote Under The Gun on Epix and decided to spend their entire episode just trolling the NRA from start to finish. Not only did they send Desi Lydic to unsuccessfully cover an NRA event — complete with some very funny interactions with the police and her own father — the show also managed to clear up the history of the NRA in politics. It wasn’t always like the current NRA, much like Samantha Bee’s interesting look back at the Religious Right, and it only took a few loud voices to sway the entire organizations.

One of the funnier portions is when Trevor Noah points out the similarity between NRA leader Wayne LaPierre’s tactics in the media and Donald Trump’s own. It’s really like each man’s speech team ripped from the same book on speechwriting, only then the public seemed to buy it and believe it.

Not included in The Daily Show rundown is little gem that has been put out by the NRA featuring country-music legend Charlie Daniels. He’s sending a message to the terrorists and the Ayatollah that they better hope they never meet the tougher men of American society. Basically the cast of every truck driving movie or Jerry Reed song put out in the mid-’70s. It’s a hoot.