‘The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance’ Blooper Reel Is Filled With Pure Puppet Chaos

“We’re dreamfasting, you idiot. Shut up.”

Yes, that can only mean one thing: a blooper reel exists for The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. As a result, we’re finally getting the real story (much moreso than the glossy behind-the-scenes featurette) of Netflix’s ambitious, stunning, and puppet-starring epic (based upon Jim Henson’s cult-beloved 1982 movie). As one might expect, the process of coordinating all of the talent wasn’t as easy as it looks, and all species that reside on Thra appear to be equally mischievous and/or unwilling to stick to the script at times.

Netflix dropped these few minutes of unadulterated joy on Twitter.

Sadly, we are not gaining any further insight into that gross Skeksis mystery that also puzzles Netflix, but this blooper reel is a true delight to behold. We’ve got errant wigs, screeching Skeksis, a Podling dirt angel, and “I’m a Scat Man” lyrics. Rian somehow manages to be more interesting than his written character by messing up takes while looking in the wrong direction and mouthing off. The Skeksis also ominously circle around humans, all to illustrate that they’re not giving up control of Thra too easily, and they’ll obey no species. Chaos!

Learn even more about how this series came together from our interviews with Jason Isaacs (The Emperor) and Nathalie Emmanuel (Deet).

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is still streaming on Netflix.