The Description On This Chinese Bootleg ‘How I Met Your Mother’ DVD Is Pretty Accurate

I am going to transcribe this because I think it’s important.

Ted Xuan Yan good baking friends Marshall suddenly tell the name of him, not his barrier to lazy to fry their phase agent made very long monster potato key female pal Lily bear – B – Russia. Kindergarten teach throwing division camp. Ted. Shoccked Yu Shi, Dayton o realize the award since his own need to find jobs quickly overflows to your own true love. His friend Barney offer oneself the pea to cover for symplectic, busy but he mentioned for many limb collapse history of Jin and some fine bad master up the Italian carbuncle. Greedy but, Ted finally in the mirror near the shaft of a drawer home according to bar PA find themselves in dawn meaning butterfly on the main Robin as arrogant, he saw off Tao Yi comb clock is love, but live to guide can be leveled without target so is duck Gu Ted. Robin on his way by what was left the school also good impression, shoes and put Ted smelter to plating boat away … Grass …

I don’t know about you guys, but I really want to know more about this very long monster potato.

[H/t Hypervocal]