The Most Over-Their-Head Moments From ‘The Detour’ Season Two Premiere

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The Parkers had a wild family vacation in the first season of The Detour. But while the trip came to an end, government agents were still questioning Nate after revealing some shocking new facts about Robin. How in the world does that play out? We get some answers in the season two premiere.

After the end of last season, Nate was still unemployed and the family was living in a mobile home. But they weren’t having the easiest time getting along with their new friends.

Luckily, Nate was on the verge of a career comeback, proving that persistence can pay off with a life changing opportunity…

… in New York City.

But Robin, who used to live there, wasn’t exactly psyched to go back…

… even though everyone else couldn’t wait to get there.

And look, this time, the Parkers got to take a trip in style.

Well, at least Nate doesn’t have to worry about spending 8 hours behind the wheel.

So… a rental car? Maybe they can top Blue Thunder and get something luxurious. Or not.

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