The Duplass Brothers’ ‘Togetherness’ Trailer Introduces Us To Another Less Than Satisfied Couple

You may not realize it, but television is in the midst of a great war. I’m not talking about the challenge brought about by digital streaming and on-demand viewing options or the rise of unscripted programming. I’m talking about sappy “love” focused rom-coms vs. anti-rom-coms where the protagonists love each other but may not like each other and certainly seem more focused on maintaining their individuality than they are focused on living a life laid out for them in the Ephronian scrolls.

After watching the teaser trailer for the Duplass Brothers’ new show, Togetherness, it seems pretty clear which side of the conflict they’re on. And after watching meet-cute porn like A to ZManhattan Love Story, and Selfie fall by the wayside while Marry Me still lives (though, to be fair, sometimes that show seems like it’s working both sides of the aisle) and crankier love stories like You’re The Worst and Married both got season 2 renewals, it seems like that’s the right side to be on. It also seems like those shows are a bit less emotionally dishonest and less corrosive to anyone in search of actual, lasting love.

Source: YouTube