The Emoji Version Of Sunday’s ‘Breaking Bad’ Premiere Is Here

Since Breaking Bad returned on Sunday night, the internet’s obsession with the show has reached fever pitch status, so it should hardly come as any surprise that someone has made an emoji version of Sunday’s premiere. It was inevitable, really, seeing as how emoji are all the rage these days.

In this case the person behind this oh-so-very-modern form of art is Zoe Mendelson, a New York-based writer, who Co.Design enlisted to create an emoji version of the episode. Below are her breakdowns, for lack of a better term, of the quite riveting opening and closing scenes from Sunday’s episode.

Emoji obsessive Zoe Mendelson is a master of long-form storytelling through the shortest-form pictographs. Here’s part one of her 10-part recap of the Breaking Bad mid-season premiere, “Blood Money” (emoji trans: squirting needle+bundle of cash). In the opening scene, Future Walt (current Walt+glasses) returns home to pick up his ricin pill and freak out the neighbor.

In the penultimate of Mendelson’s emoji scenes, Walt (no tracker on the car now) decides to visit Hank’s garage-of-crazy and make sure his brother-in-law is feeling better. Oh, and to ask about the device on his car.

See the complete emoji version of the episode here.

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