The Entire ‘Walking Dead’ Writing Staff Got Fired

12.01.10 7 years ago 51 Comments

This story is everywhere today, and I don’t see what the big deal is:

The Walking Dead writer/executive producer/director Frank Darabont has let go of the writers on the hot freshman AMC series, which has already renewed for a second season… Writer turnover on series between seasons is commonplace but wholesale overhauls are unusual. What’s more, I hear Darabont is looking to forgo having a writing staff for the second season of Walking Dead altogether and assign scripts to freelancers.

Darabont… ended up writing 2 of the first season’s 6 episodes of Walking Dead – the pilot and the second episode – and co-writing/rewriting the other 4. Two of those 4 were written by non-staff writers, one by executive producer Robert Kirkman, on whose comics the series is based, and one by Glen Mazzara. [Deadline]

It sucks to lose your job before the holidays, but I couldn’t be less sympathetic to the “Walking Dead” writers. The show is a success because it has great source material and brings hardcore violence and zombie gore to the small screen. The writing has been its biggest weakness: clunky dialog and huge plot holes have been weekly occurrences since the pilot, and I’m not even the kind of TV viewer who looks for mistakes.

Here’s an example: in the last episode, the caravan comes to a halt when the Winnebago breaks down. Two characters discuss the specifics of why it broke down — it actually ties back into a problem from a previous episode — and why it will be impossible to get it running again. Then, one scene later, they drive off in the Winnebago.

That’s not me nit-picking details; it’s an error that jars the viewer out of the story, and it’s been a common occurrence during this otherwise delightfully terrifying first season. I’m glad the writers got fired; it suggests that Season 2 will be even better than the first.

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