Why Don’t People Like Skyler? Tracking The Arc Of ‘Breaking Bad’s Most Hated Character

09.13.15 4 years ago 38 Comments

Michael Corleone had Kay, Frank Lucas had Eva, and Jordan Belfort had Teresa and then Naomi. What do all of these women have in common besides being the First Ladies of their husbands’ respective empires? The general public views them all with a similar distaste after they complicated their husbands’ plans to conquer their illegal trade.

But none have as strong of a collective grudge held against them as Skyler White (Anna Gunn), the wife of Breaking Bad’s Walter White.

But why? Surely, you can empathize with Skyler after all that she’s been through. Right? No? Is this hatred of her character caused by something sinister like people not being comfortable with a woman who stands up to her husband (even when he’s committing some major marriage no-no’s, facilitating major drug distribution, and committing murder)? Or is it simply that in this age of the anti-hero, anyone who stands up to the (bad) guy that we’re rooting for earns derision? Unfortunately, it might just be a little bit of both, but is she ultimately just really misunderstood?

If you’re curious about these questions or eager to give Skyler another chance, come with us on this quick trip through her evolution (warts and all) on Breaking Bad, and at the end, maybe you’ll cut her some slack.

Intervention Gone Wrong

When Skyler was first introduced, she was admittedly controlling and a bit high strung. One time that she used those attributes to better the life of someone else was when she brought the family together for an intervention to help Walt come to terms with his cancer diagnosis. Sadly, things got turned around by Walter and his mystical monologue powers.

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