The FBI Is Using A 'Portlandia' Sketch In Its Advanced Intelligence Classes

Well here’s something you probably didn’t expect to read today…

In April, an instructor at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Va., approached the producers of Portlandia, requesting to use a clip from the show’s “Sanitation Twins” sketch (it spoofs recycling culture) in its advanced-intelligence classes, which focus on terrorism, espionage, IP theft and other crime. [THR]

Portlandia co-star Carrie Brownstein said the show granted permission, but that the FBI instructor who approached them never said exactly what he’d be using it for. This means we can only infer one thing for certain: The FBI has at least one very cool instructor. He probably has a convertible and is real laid back (“Mr. Sawyer is my dad. Please, call me Max”), and all the girls in his class are hopelessly in love with him. And I bet he drives his bosses nuts (“Dammit, Sawyer. Did you take all the students to Six Flags again?” “Hey, we need to be prepared. Terrorists can strike anywhere”), and brings his dog to class a lot, too.

I’m basically picturing the FBI version of Summer School.