The Final Season Of ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Has A Skull-Tastic New Poster

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08.03.14 3 Comments


We already know quite a bit about the final season of Sons of Anarchy at this point — Jax is in jail, Drea de Matteo is going to play a larger part, and cameos are coming out of the woodwork — so this poster doesn’t reveal much of anything else. But hey! It looks pretty cool anyway:

Entertainment Weekly writes:

At Comic-Con, creator Kurt Sutter said, “This season will be the most proactive for Jax. He’s driven, with a singular purpose. Rather than being a reactor to chaos, he will be the inciter. It’s almost like writing a brand new character.” So how to interpret the art: Does Jax’s determination to avenge Tara’s death turn the club into one collective Reaper? Will his personal pain ultimately lead to the death of his brothers and his club? Will three club members die—one for each eye and nose, which you could easily imagine as large bullet holes?

That’s some epic, Dustin-levels of speculation right there. Or, you know, it could be equally as possible that someone in the FX art department thought, “Hey! You know what would be cool? If we Photoshopped a giant skull onto Jax’s back!” Of course, the teaser also featured skull imagery, so that could be representative of death, or literally just a nod to the actual Sons crest. Either way, we don’t need to read too hard into a poster to know that the blood is going to be flowing like rivers in the final season of Sons of Anarchy, and September 9th can’t get here soon enough.

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