The First Season Of ‘Serial’ Will End With Next Week’s Episode

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Two bits of Serial news:

1) At the end of today’s episode, Serial creator Sarah Koenig reads a letter from Adnan that says “At this point. It doesn’t matter to me how your story portrays me — guilty or innocent — I just want it to be over,” to which Koenig responds, “It will be. Next time, final episode of Serial.” That’s right, the final episode of the first season of Serial — which many people, including me, have gone loony over — will be released next Thursday, December 18. Merry Christmas.

2) Koenig also appeared on The Colbert Report last night to discuss the show with Stephen, whose last day is December 18, too. Seems convenient. Almost … too convenient. What I’m saying is that I now believe Stephen Colbert to be known streaker Mr. S from the case. Stephen starts with an S. This one’s airtight, folks. TO REDDIT!