The First ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Tease: Carol And Tyreese Are Still In The Woods

I hope that none of you had wild expectations for AMC’s “Dead, White, and Blue” Talking Dead special, which was meant to preview season five of The Walking Dead. I thought we’d at least get a decent teaser out of the special, but ultimately, it was Scott Gimple, Aisha Tyler, and Chris Hardwick doing their best to kill an hour and keep folks around for Halt and Catch Fire (which was another terrible episode).

As for new footage? Well, since they only started filming the season five premiere last week, they didn’t have a lot with which to work. Almost all the surviving cast is inside a train car when season five opens, except for Beth, and to show any footage of her would be to spoil her whereabouts. Otherwise, the only cast members who haven’t made it to Cannibal Town are Carol, Tyreese, and Lil Ass Kicker, who are still in the woods, on the train tracks, dodging zombies. That’s exactly what the season five “tease” shows.