The First Trailer For AMC’s ‘Humans’ Is Subtly Creepy

If you can track down a version with good subtitles, the Swedish series Real Humans is an interesting take on robots in a society where androids struggle to be human. AMC’s version, Humans, though, seems to be riffing on the concept slightly differently.

The basic concept is that Synths are the must-have gadget around the house; they look human and can do all the drudge work, but are robots you can just quietly stash in the closet and plug in at night. Think the Fox series Almost Human, but as a menacing indie thriller instead of a big, brash cop show. This being a series about robots, they of course develop free will and want to be treated as, well, humans.

Of course, as you might guess, that’s a little trickier than it looks. The eight-episode season arrives June 28 on AMC.

(Via Deadline)