The Latest Season 3 Trailer For ‘The Flash’ Teases Alternate Timeline Drama

At this point, it’s no secret that dealing with alternate timelines in fiction can be a bit confusing and if not handled with the utmost care, can come across as sloppy. This is the time when all eyes turn towards the Star Trek franchise and how some of the very worst episodes throughout each of the many television series have been about alternate timelines. CW’s The Flash will be looking to deal with this head-on in the coming season after Barry Allen kinda, well, created a whole new alternate reality, one where there is already a Flash.

That means that life for Barry should be a bit different, but from the glimpses that we’ve gotten, we know that stuff gets kinda heavy because life for a superhero never relents, even if someone else exists using the same name and same powers, but is an entirely different person. This new trailer gives us insight into what Barry will be facing in the third season, and the thing is, we’ve all learned this from television and comics in the past; you can’t simply change timelines without things going haywire. Remember LOST?

An existential crisis will be affecting our dearest Flash as his own memories and world fade from existence because you don’t mess with history and you don’t mess with timelines or things get really, really messy. The new season of The Flash starts on October 4th and hopefully won’t bend too many minds in the process.

(Via Gamespot)