Let’s Talk This Week’s Geeky TV: ‘The Flash’ Throws Shade

11.15.16 2 years ago 38 Comments

Last week on The Flash, Caitlin met her mom, we discovered that Earth-19 Wells isn’t quite what he claims to be, and also holograms have really improved since the days of Disney. So now Barry, Wally and the team can deal with Jigsaw, er, Doctor Alchemy. Or can they?

Wally is remembering his time during Flashpoint, where he was the Kid Flash and ran around in a yellow suit, which with the Reverse Flash being in yellow isn’t confusing at all or anything. These memories aren’t exactly fun, so it’s up to the gang to figure out how to reconcile Wally’s two selves without, er, Wally dying. If that weren’t enough, Caitlin is rapidly discovering that her metahuman powers, in addition to ensuring she always had a cold drink, affect her mood and might be hugely dangerous. Who would have thought an ice-themed supervillain would have no chill?

We’ll see how the team reconciles this tonight at 8pm EST on the CW. As for Agents Of SHIELD, it’s not back until Thanksgiving, to make room for, er, a David Blaine magic special. Between that and the news that the Inhumans are coming to ABC, it might be time for Coulson to polish the resume. Either way, join us, won’t you?

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