We’re Seeing The Alternate Universe Of ‘The Flash’ In Season 3’s Comic-Con Trailer

07.23.16 2 years ago 8 Comments

The popularity of comic book franchises continues to rise, as we’ve seen at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, where trailer-after-trailer have been dropped, each one as bombastic and exciting as the last. The latest comic show to get the grand Comic-Con reveal is The Flash, which will be returning for its third season on October 4th on The CW.

The new trailer that dropped today, according to Deadline, shows this upcoming season’s new villain in Doctor Alchemy. The Flash will face a new, elemental challenge this season as Doctor Alchemy — aka Mr. Element — creating elemental weapons while also possessing the Philosopher’s Stone which once belonged to Merlin. This stone allows for him to turn any element into another one, thus transmuting them into whichever he pleases. He’ll prove to be a formidable foe for The Flash in this upcoming season, for which this new trailer shows off a world of chaos that our hero has to navigate.

The CW

Things get psychological in the new trailer and should leave fans craving more, anxiously awaiting the October 4th premiere of the third season. Has Barry’s world evened out after he was able to save his mother in an alternate timeline, or have things really spun out of control for him? That much will be answered this Fall. Oh yeah, and check out Kid Flash.

(Via Deadline)

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