It’s Just A Meme, Ma’am: The 15 Funniest, Meanest, And Most Vicious Lines From This Week’s ‘Veep’

05.06.13 5 years ago 14 Comments

This week’s episode of Veep, “The Vic Allen Dinner,” continued to play off of Vice President Meyers’ growing success, although Veep has been great this season at turning all of Meyers’ wins into losses. In the opening episode, we found out that her popularity was higher than the Presidents, so she was thrown to the media to answer for the mid-term losses. Last week, the Vice President took credit for a hostage rescue situation, which also meant taking the blame for a soldier losing his leg. Meanwhile, in this week’s episode, she killed it with a comedy song at the “Vic Allen Dinner,” which earned her a foreign relations trip to Europe. Unfortunately, that same song also featured a few digs at Europe’s expense, which is going to make that European trip unpleasant for her.

Elsewhere, the Vice President tried to make nice with Sue (success) and Gary (failure), and in earning that trip to Europe (success), she also lost Mike to Kent (failure). Perhaps the biggest development to come out of the episode, however, was the fate of poor Jonah. Yes, he’s terrible, but in watching Dan and Mike follow him around, where everyone hurled insults at Jonah, I started to feel a little bad for the guy. That was doubly apparent when, after he turned the Vice President’s comedy song into a viral hit, the PR turned, and then Meyer turned on Jonah, booting him from Air Force 2 and out of his parking spot. “He should be on suicide watch,” Mike said. “Yep. Make sure he goes through with it.”

Poor Jonah. Here’s this week’s best lines.








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