The Future of Annie’s Boobs Is In Your Hands

Oops. That headline came out all wrong. What I meant was, the country — no, the planet — needs your help to get “Community” back on the air. Donald Glover, the future first black Spider-man, has taken to the YouTubes to deliver a VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE, the gist of which is this: Thursday nights just aren’t the same without Annie’s Boobs our friends from Greendale. “Parks and Recreation” and “30 Rock” are great, and while GIFs of Ron Swanson smiling light up our mornings, they just don’t compare to GIFs of Annie Edison in a cleavage-bearing Santa costume Betty-Booping her way around a room.

So watch Donald Glover’s PSA, then take action. Call your state representative. Plant a computer virus in the NBC servers. Hold a school of kindergartners hostage. Do whatever it takes in this, our time of need.

We miss you, Greendale. Please come back soon.