The Good News Is: Two FX Darlings, Donal Logue And Margo Martindale, Land New Gigs

The bad news? Logue’s gig is as a series regular in the second season of BBC America’s Copper, the 1860s-set police procedural set in the Five Points district of New York City. I checked out the first three episodes of the first season, and the show didn’t work for me: Too heavy-handed, too on-the-nose, and kind of dull. However, they’re bringing Logue in as Sixth Ward boss and Civil War general Brendan Donovan, and there’s some suggestion that the procedural elements may take a backseat to an ongoing storyline. With Logue aboard, I’d be willing to check in with the series again to see if it has improved, although the addition of Thomas Kelly as executive producer doesn’t exactly stoke the fires of interest, since he’s moving over from Blue Bloods. Logue will also be on the upcoming drama, Vikings.

And what of Margo Martindale?

She’s got the better gig, as she’ll be guesting on New Girl as the mother of Nick Miller, which is kind of perfect, isn’t it? She’ll arrive in March when the series sees the cast take a “pilgrimage” to Chicago to see where Nick grew up. The gang finds out she doesn’t exactly have her sh*t together. I hope she brings apple pie.

Until then, we can also see the Emmy winner on The Americans (recap up in the next hour), where she has an 8-episode recurring role.