‘The Good Place’ Has A Weirdly Vague Description For Its Season Three Finale

01.18.19 5 months ago

The penultimate episode of The Good Place‘s third season brought us even closer to exactly how Michael is going to get these four (dead?) humans into, you know, the Good Place. Or at the very least, how to get everyone from the Bad Place to stop chasing the game through space, time and also Canada.

We know the final episode is called ‘Pandemonium,’ a chaotically ominous title that seems to promise the requisite level of shenanigans we’ve come to expect from the NBC comedy. But beyond that, we know very little about what will happen in the season’s final 22 minutes. And the episode description that comes attached to information about the January 24 finale is extremely vague.

As Margaret Lyons noticed and tweeted late Thursday night, ‘Pandemonium’ will contain stuff and things, and probably some words. But The Good Place isn’t taking any chances when it comes to spoiling what’s to come.

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