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In two weeks, Fox ABC will debut a new animated comedy from Mike Judge called “The Goode Family.”  It’s basically “King of the Hill” but with liberal douchebags instead of regular folk.  From the show’s propaganda department:

True to their name, the Goodes are an infuriatingly smug and self-righteous bunch: a nuclear family that’s hell-bent on maintaining the world’s smallest footprint. Gerald and Helen Goode drive a hybrid and live by the tenet WWAGD (“What would Al Gore do?”). They’ve named their adopted African son Ubuntu (in a mix-up, he turned out to be white South African). They feed their pet vegan dog food (he sneaks out at night to eat woodland creatures).

It sounds like a good premise — there’s definitely a wealth of material to work with — but I’m not feeling it.  I don’t know if it’s just the animation I don’t like, or if the humor’s too broad or what, but I’m giving it a thumbs-down.  Hey, I’m a blogger, I get paid to rush to judgment.  Megan Fox sex tape!  Photoshopped!  Simpsons did it!

(thanks to wehavehair for the tip)

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