The Greatest ‘Murder She Wrote’ Screencap of All Time (Links)

Watch out, Angela Landsbury! The future is now! [F Yeah Murder She Wrote]

In case you missed it: One Shining Moment. Yeah, the NCAA championship game was crap, but the tournament was awesome. And I’m still waiting to see a “One Shining Moment” video set to an array of the bricks that Butler threw up on Monday. [With Leather]

Awww, dammit. I was saving this winking wiener corgi for Friday, but RoboPanda got to him first. That dude knows his corgis. [Gamma Squad]

This Week in F*ck You: People who insist on using typewriters. Nobody rages like Big Daddy Drew. [KSK]

Why did Julie Taymore get fired from the Spider-Man musical? Duh, sexism. Clearly a man would never lose his job for failure to keep a project on budget or on time. [FilmDrunk]

Surprise, surprise. Wendy Williams — not Kirstie Alley — got voted off “Dancing with the Stars.” [TV Squad]

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RUN, DO NOT WALK to check out the Name of the Year ballot. This is the best one ever: Rockwell Bonecutter is a nine-seed. [NOTY]

A damn fine cup of coffee. In light of the positive reception to “The Killing,” here’s an awesome collection of stills from “Twin Peaks.” I gotta re-watch that show. [Twin Peaks Archive]

Odd Future Dog:

[We Hate College]

For Danger Guerrero:


Tom Selleck Mouth-Eyes:


Finally, as Danger Guerrero said to me, “I don’t know if this video of Kate Upton for Guess counts as a commercial. Also, I do not care if this video of Kate Upton for Guess counts as a commercial.”