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As much as possible, I try to avoid making fun of the Hollywood media, because it’s such a vast collection of whores and idiots that if I regularly dabbled in media criticism, eventually this blog would do nothing but focus on what a grating bitch Nikki Finke is and how Variety’s lingo instantly lowers your IQ.

However, every now and then I like to have fun with the foibles of flamboyant simpleton Michael Ausiello, who was actually serious when he wrote this headline:

Now, stop and think about that for a second: Kathy Najimy. “Ugly Betty.” Historic. Exclusive. All in the same headline.

To flesh that out a little: Najimy, whose most famous role remains “the chubby nun” in 1992’s Sister Act, landed a guest appearance on a show so unpopular that its final season was just shortened by two episodes, and that is HISTORIC, people. And it’s an exclusive, so just go ahead and suck on THAT, other TV reporters who were trying to break this story about Najimy’s historic role. Oh, and did I mention that the role is the orthodontist who removes the braces that Betty has worn for the last, like, seven years? Get it? Kathy Najimy is BRACING for the role?

Honestly, I’m not even mad. I’m actually kind of impressed that someone so joyously dimwitted can rise to a level of prominence in any industry. Of course, if it had to be any industry, Hollywood sounds about right.

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