FOX Is Going To Give ‘The Grinder’ A Full Season To Let Rob Lowe Charm You

One of Fox’s newest comedies, The Grinder, has gotten a full season pick up as reported by Deadline. The show, along with ABC’s Dr. Ken (starring Ken Jeong), are the first two shows of the fall TV season to receive a full season pickup, giving them the back nine episodes to make up the full 22 episode order.

The Grinder follows two brothers, Dean (Rob Lowe) and Stewart (Fred Savage) Sanderson as Dean worms into his brother’s life and begins to channel his career as a TV lawyer into being a legitimate part of his family’s law firm. Hijinks ensue, as they often do on sitcoms.

Created by Andre Mogel and Jarrad Paul, the show has largely gotten decent reviews, particularly compared to the John Stamos vehicle, Grandfatheredthat it shares a comedy block with. Fox entertainment president David Madden believes that it’s a mix of the show’s comedy and familiarity that has made the show such an early success, saying the following:

“The critics have embraced this original, fresh and funny show, and the talented cast – led by Rob Lowe and Fred Savage — have done such an incredible job infusing it with biting humor and heartfelt moments.”

Not poor praise for a series only five episodes in, however, plenty more have been cut even before the fifth episode, and Savage and Lowe are both television favorites. Maybe the secret to success is combining the popularity of workplace and family comedies into one show.

Source: Deadline