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Russian model turned “Saul of the Mole Men” actress Irina Voronina has gotten naked in Playboy and Perfect 10, but she says that the most demeaning experience of her career was working with the cast of “Entourage.”  She claims she was fired from the show for not accepting the advances of the show’s stars.

“They were very rude and unprofessional and I was fired from the set along with another girl,” Voronina told Tarts. “Technically we were told there wasn’t space for us to be in the shot anymore, but we knew we were fired because we weren’t nice to the actors. They just treated me like a piece of meat without any respect and every conversation would start and end with “what are you doing later?’”

The 31-year-old bikini beauty turned comedy queen said she’s worked on the show several times before but the harassment had built to a point where she simply couldn’t take it anymore…

“If there is a shot where we’re all in the limo and the camera is rolling, it’s us all having fun, they have their hands all over us and then when the cameras stop I expect them to reel back to being normal, but they continued the partying off camera.”

Whoa now, Irina.  You’ve got a lot to learn about acting.  The “Entourage” guys aren’t grabbing your tits after the director yells “Cut!” for their own enjoyment.  That’s method acting.  They’re just staying in character.  Maybe you should consider taking your craft a little more seriously.

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