‘The Walking Dead’ Once Again Resurrects The Helicopter Mystery


The helicopter is back again on The Walking Dead. Last seen flying over Rick as he headed toward the Scavenger’s home in the fifth episode of the season, the helicopter returned again and offered a couple more clues about what purpose it may serve on the series. (It’s also possible we saw it last season near the Scavenger community, as well).

Recall that in the 10th episode of the season, “The Lost and the Plunderers,” Simon had asked Jadis about the helipad nearby, but Jadis offered no response. It left many to believe that the helicopter was in the possession of Jadis, but that no longer appears to be the case. In this week’s episode, “Still Gotta Mean Something,” the helicopter flew over the Scavenger community while Jadis had Negan tied up.

Jadis had planned to use a flare to attract the attention of the helicopter, but Negan interfered with that plan, and once Jadis finally shot off a flare, the helicopter was already leaving. “I’m here! I’m here!” Jadis cried out, suggesting that she’d not only been waiting for the helicopter but had hoped that it would take her away. In fact, earlier in the episode, we saw Jadis packing a bag and preparing to leave. She checked her watch, too, as though she knew she had only a certain amount of time to kill Negan before the helicopter arrived. Moreover, the second before the helicopter arrived, Jadis’ alarm went off.

The helicopter’s arrival was scheduled. Jadis was waiting for the helicopter, and she was hoping the helicopter would use her helipad to land, and that she could ultimately fly away inside it.

What does it mean?

Earlier, we spoke about the mounting evidence suggesting that The Walking Dead might skip its next storyline, The Whisperers War, and jump ahead to the storyline currently unfolding in the comic series: The Commonwealth (we even suggested that the origins of the Commonwealth could potentially get its own spin off).

The Commonwealth is the largest known community in The Walking Dead universe. It’s an actual civilization with 50,000 people and its own standing army. It may be the only community on The Walking Dead with the ability to fly a helicopter.

It’s possible that Jadis had communicated with someone from that community and arranged transportation back to it. The catch, however, is that in the comics, at least, that community is in Ohio, about 750 miles away, or nearly three times the distance a helicopter can fly on a single tank of gas. Of course, in the comics, it may be closer, and it’s obviously also possible that the helicopter has refueling stations.

With only two episodes left this season, however, it seems probable that the helicopter mystery is designed to lead into next season, and since The Whisperer War would not involve helicopters, it’s one more piece of evidence suggesting The Walking Dead may skip that storyline and jump straight into The Commonwealth. The helicopter may very well be the link between the two.

Alternatively, that helicopter will eventually help Morgan travel the distance between Alexandria and Texas, his future destination on Fear the Walking Dead. We should find out over the course of the next two episodes.