The History Channel Is Searching For Hitler Look-Alikes On Craigslist

If you’re someone who has plastered flyers around your neighborhood that read, “Ich bin ein Hitler lookalike, call 598-NEIN-NEIN-NEIN-NEIN for more information,” then have we got a story for you. The Daily News reports that the Aliens, Nazis, and History Channel is looking for “Hitler lookalikes to star in a new docu-drama series about WWI and WWII…And bosses are willing to fly the best doppelganger out to Germany and the East Coast for filming.”

But if you’re less teapot and more cauldron-wearing-a-bowler-hat, the History Channel has you covered, too.

We are currently casting a 6-hour docu-drama mini-series that will tell the story of the key world leaders through the epic events of WWI and WWII, and we are seeking men to play the roles of:

Adolf Hitler (age 25 – 56)
Winston Churchill (age 35 – 65)
Franklin D. Roosevelt (age 30 – 60)

The most important thing is a physical resemblance to the actual historical figures. The majority of the cast will be tracked over decades, so we will be exploring the possibility of casting two people to play both “young” and “old” versions, as well as the possibility of casting a single individual who could be aged up & down. Anyone who falls within the age ranges could submit themselves. Previous acting experience is not required. German accent (for Hitler) and British accent (for Churchill) is also helpful, but also not required. (Via)

So, to recap, the History Channel is looking for actors to play history’s greatest monster (not Jimmy Carter) and the prime minister of the United Kingdom who’s considered to be one of the best wartime politicians ever, but they don’t have to be German or British, nor do they need prior acting experience, all for $300 per day. Sounds about right, though I’d be terrified of the guy who answers “why do you want to play Hitler?” with “Because I’ve lived Hitler.”

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