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The 92nd Street Y — which apparently is not an actual YMCA — made “Meshugene Men,” a Jew-centric spoof of “Mad Men” featuring Amy Sedaris as the Betty Draper character, Netty Draperberg.  Fittingly, if the credits on the YouTube page are correct, it was made by a bunch of Jews.  Not fittingly, whoever uploaded it to YouTube totally spelled “meshuggeneh” wrong.  Come on, Jews.  You’re not gonna let this sexy Goy toy kick your tuchus in Yiddish, are you?

In a related story, I’m totally ready for Season 3 of “Mad Men” now.  Yeah, it doesn’t take much.

[Deadline Hollywood Daily]

[Previously from 92Y: the New York Times Weekender spoof with Paul Rudd]

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