The Jimmy Johnson Interview

08.24.10 8 years ago 2 Comments

As you may remember, last week I ditched the Internet for a couple hours to interview NFL on Fox commentator and “Survivor” contestant Jimmy Johnson. Well, I finally got around to transcribing and editing it, and you can read the whole thing over at Kissing Suzy Kolber. Here’s a sample:

KSK: I read that this is your third time trying out for Survivor.

Jimmy Johnson: I tried about six years ago, and got turned down. I did the video, did all the applications, everything.

KSK: Did you make sure to tell them you were famous?

And then I honked my bike horn.

KSK: And there will be a live finale [for “Survivor”] where someone gets a rose?

JJ: A live finale, yeah, to show who actually won [between the final three contestants].

KSK: It would really help me out with my career if you could just tell me who those final three are.

*honk honk* Anyway, go read it. It’s two-for-one day at work for me.

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