Yes, Please: The Kids In The Hall Reunited For A Special

It’s always a treat seeing Dave Foley guest star on a TV show, like The Middle or Veep or Maron, because that mean he’s working, which means he could be working toward a full-fledged Kids in the Hall reunion.

Beloved Canadian comedy troupe the Kids in the Hall reunited on Friday to tape an episode of Spun Out, an upcoming CTV comedy starring group member Dave Foley.

“We were the only show on in Canada a decade ago,” [Mark McKinney] said. “TV started at 7 p.m., ended at 8 p.m., and then The National came on at 10 p.m., and then it went off again. Then they played the national anthem, and then there was Kids In The Hall.” (Via)

Spun Out is set to air on CTV in 2014. The Kids also hinted at other upcoming projects, or in their words, they’re “in talks.” In talks about what? Puppies? Bananas? Puppies with bananas on them? We need the (ham of) truth.

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