Thack Is Back In The Promo For Season Two Of ‘The Knick’

Above is the first promo for season two of The Knick, the Steven Soderbergh-directed period piece whose first season was one of the best dramas on television last year. At first glance, it’s pretty ambiguous as far as what to expect; it’s still the early 1900s, we still have the out-of-era music that somehow works with the show anyway, and Dr. Gallinger still has a lot of malice toward Dr. Edwards. Though, as Vulture pointed out, there’s a quarantine sign issued by the San Francisco Department of Health, meaning we’ll likely be dealing with Cornelia’s marriage, where everything is probably just fine and drama-free.

All in all, my reaction to another season is as follows:

Season two premieres on October 17.

(Via Vulture)