Forever Unclean!: The Most Disgusting Acts From ‘The League’

09.09.15 3 years ago 3 Comments


A large part of the comedy from The League comes from seeing just how far the leaguers will go to win in the end and what they go through along the way. Many of the hijinks include acts that any sane person would easily deem disgusting.

With the seventh and final season of The League premiering on FXX this Wednesday, get yourself ready by looking back at some of the most deplorable moments so far.

Note: A lot of the worst things happen to one of the Ruxins.

Marking Your Territory…?

Due to the sensitivity of his new super-thin pants and the lack of underwear as a buffer, Kevin’s body had a mind of its own when he bumped into Sofia Ruxin – over and over again. One thing led to another, and he, er, “reacted” and left his mark just in time for Ruxin to come in and catch the end of it.

It’s not seen in this clip, but, later on in the episode, Kevin throws the same marked pants out of a dressing room window, just to hit Brenda Song in the face.

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