‘The League’ Gets More Awesome Guest Stars

10.19.11 6 years ago 27 Comments

Not content with Seth Rogen guest starring as Dirty Randy, “The League” has added two more big-name guest stars: Sarah Silverman and Jeff Goldblum.

They’ll join a Thanksgiving episode of the comedy series, with Silverman playing Andre’s (Paul Scheer) sister and Jeff Goldblum as Ruxin’s (Nick Kroll) father. “Sarah and Jeff are funny and fearless enough to play Andre’s sister and Ruxin’s father,” said League co-creators Jeff Schaffer and Jackie Marcus Schaffer. “And they didn’t flinch when we told them all of the crazy things they’d be doing with our cast. Fools!” [EW]

Silverman’s a divisive personality among comedy snobs, but I usually enjoy her. And I particularly like Goldblum. For someone so innately funny, he doesn’t do a lot of comedy. I mean, he’s done plenty of comedy throughout his career (“NTSF” and “Colbert” most recently), just not enough for my liking. Dance, monkey! Make me laugh!

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