‘The Leftovers’ Star Ann Dowd Says She Copied Her Cold-Blooded Look From Pats Coach Bill Belichick

Football fans, does that face look familiar to you? Have you seen that cold-blooded, emotionless face before? Of course you have. Meet female Bill Belichick everyone.

Ann Dowd, who plays chain-smoking mute Patti Levin on The Leftovers says she modeled her look after the Pats coach.

Most of Dowd’s scenes as Patti show her stone-faced as she takes drags from cigarettes, occasionally writing messages on a notepad. She admits that when she was developing Patti’s cold, intense demeanor, she looked to another famous local, Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

“After about the third episode or so, Patti kept reminding me of someone and I couldn’t figure out who it was,” Dowd explained, in an e-mail. “Finally it dawned on me that it was Bill Belichick, whom I watched countless times during Patriot games and always liked. And for these reasons: his stoicism, that he seems full of secrets, that he doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him.”

I spent most of the morning combing through photos of the two and yes, they’re basically fraternal twins. If you gave Bill Belichick boobs, he’d be her doppelganger. Here’s a few side-by-side looks for comparison.

(via Alan Sepinwall)