‘The Leftovers’ Gets A Much Cheerier Opening For Its Second Season

Most people remember how they felt watching season one of The Leftovers. It was quite the depressing ride, with a lot of it anchored down by the very stirring, haunting opening credits that led off each episode. Like most depressing things, there is some beauty in the old opening, but it certainly dragged a lot of people down. Even Damon Lindleof admitted to being really depressed writing season one, which probably lends to all the changes in season two.

Not only is the show getting a change of scenery in season two, but the opening is being updated with some far more cheery visuals and music. It’s got a bounce to it, but it still keeps the idea connected that people are missing and the void is real in the lives of those left behind. But at the same time, the reaction to the new opening seems mixed. It is very odd and it almost seems like someone raided the stock photography warehouse and went crazy with Photoshop.

You can compare it to the original below, although I might recommend following it up with something peppy or fun. Maybe some Puffy AmiYumi or something. You’ve gotta counter all that funk.