‘The Leftovers’ Final Season Trailer Is Very Revealing

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03.16.17 7 Comments

After The Leftovers completed its second season in 2015, HBO let Damon Lindelof and Co. twirl in the wind for a few weeks before it announced a decision to renew the series for a third and final season. I was conflicted. The second season of The Leftovers is one of the best season of television of this decade, and while I wanted to see more of the series, I worried that a third season could undue the remarkable second chapter, which very well could have worked as a series finale.

However, I also think that Damon Lindelof is the bravest writer on television. If anyone could pull this off, it’s Lindelof, who knows better than anyone how fans react to disappointing series finales (especially ones that upset James Gunn and George R.R. Martin).

After watching the first season three trailer, and the one that HBO released today, I don’t think we need to worry about Lindelof botching the final season.

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