The Many Maniacal-Insane Faces of Jennifer Holliday

I don’t watch “American Idol,” so I didn’t see Jennifer Holliday’s performance with the runner-up, Jessica Sanchez, last night. I have to reluctantly admit that I didn’t even know who Jennifer Holliday was until today, though Wikipedia tells me that she’s the Queen Of Broadway Gospel.

However, a lot more people know who Jennifer Holliday is now, thanks to a performance last night that might not have raised too many eyebrows a decade ago. Now, however, we live in a world of tumblr where every facial gesticulation is screen-grabbed and GIF’d for the masses.

All due respect to Holliday, who I’m sure is an outstanding Christian woman, but during that performance, it looked like she was trying to go down on her microphone while simultaneously being tasered. That screenshot at the top of the page is just the beginning. These GIFs, via MackeyAttack, will crawl inside your brain and haunt the nightmares of your unborn children. Gospel or not, that woman has got some demon inside of her.