02.12.10 9 years ago 16 Comments

You might have heard that Megan Fox signed a deal to be the face (yes… “face”) of Armani underwear a month or so ago. And now there’s a new commercial with MEGAN FOX IN JUST HER BRA AND PANTIES, which is a pretty excellent way to sell a product, especially if that product is women’s underwear. And because she doesn’t speak in this commercial, I like this ad even better than MEGAN FOX NUDE IN A BATHTUB. It’s still not the MEGAN FOX LESBIAN SEX SCENE we’ve been hoping for, and it’s certainly no MEGAN FOX FULLY NUDE HARDCORE THREE-WAY, but it’s a nice visual aid for those of you who like to imagine MEGAN FOX IN A PLUSH RABBIT SUIT SLAUGHTERING CATTLE.

(first two images are hi-res; for full-size, click thumbnail, then right-click and select “view image”)

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