‘The Most Interesting Man In The World’ Shares Tales Of Encounters With Leo DiCaprio And Jennifer Lawrence

As you may have heard, reliably rugged Dos Equis pitchman and ad creation “The Most Interesting Man In The World” has been blasted into space and will presumably spend the afterlife rubbing elbows with other retired mascots like Mac Tonight, Spuds MacKenzie and the disease that made people sing the “Chicken Tonight” jingle. Well, the man behind the “Most Interesting Man” has a few stories to tell on the character’s way out of the spotlight.

Jonathan Goldsmith (the actor that portrays the sultan of marketing suave) had a fascinating chat with The Hollywood Reporter today about his peculiar gig and spending time engaging with star-struck fans that enjoy the mystique of the small screen beer peddler. Even celebrities have fallen under the man’s sway, including a pair of Oscar winners.

Like everybody else in Hollywood, I was eating at Craig’s and a waiter came up to me and said, “Would you mind taking a picture with Miss Lawrence?” Well, this was not Gertrude Lawrence, it was Jennifer Lawrence. I went over to her table and she was very sweet. I met her friend and we took a couple pictures.

Also at Craig’s — they have good food, good drinks and a good vibe there — I’m sitting there with my manager and Leo DiCaprio comes over. I almost didn’t recognize him because he was preparing for The Revenant. He said, “Excuse me, are you Jonathan Goldsmith?” Well, for years nobody knew my name except for “The Most Interesting Man in the World,” but that started changing about three years in. So I said, “Yes, I am.” Leo said, “Would you mind if we had a picture together?” I said, “Of course not!” It was very nice.

Where do you suppose J.Law and Leo keep those photographs? On a mantle? In a desk drawer? On the ceiling of their bedrooms? Maybe there’s a secret compartment in a Leo mansion where he also has pics with Flo the Progressive Lady and Duke the Bush’s Baked Beans dog? So many questions!

Although Goldmsith’s particular incarnation of “The Most Interesting Man In The World” is on his way out, Dos Equis is said to be prepping a new version of the campaign to appeal to a newer demographic of customers. We’re pretty sure the red dog from the Red Dog ads is still available, if they need. What’s that? Dogs only live how long? Oh no! We need a drink.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)