A Man Gave His Buddy A Box Full Of ‘Simpsons’ References Because He’s The Most Super Of Friends

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03.17.14 21 Comments

homer kirk

Looking for that perfect gift to give to your favorite salad-hating Simpsons fan friend and can’t afford a copy of Bonestorm or subscription to Bad Boy’s Life or Trucker’s Choice Pep Pills or a six-pack of Krusty Partially Gelatinated Non-Dairy Gum-Based Beverages or [fill-in-the-blank Simpsons reference of your choice here]? Then steal this guy’s idea, and make your own gift box (except don’t call it stealing — if the Police Academy movies taught us anything, it’s that Michael Winslow is America’s greatest treasure).

Who wants Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge? We do, we do. (Double Guttenberg!)

“I gave my friend this box full of Simpsons references for his birthday.”

8 - A rare photo of Sean Connery signed by Roger Moore

7 - Wow Joseph of Arimathea 26 conversions in AD 46

6 - Whoa a Methuselah rookie card

5 - The new Krusty Trading Card 8 Series

4 - My demo tape

3 - There039s no such thing

2 - Together at last

1 - The video game every boy wants

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