Miss Piggy And Kermit Battle Post-Break Up In This Set Of New Promos For ‘The Muppets’

The Muppets are getting an ABC show this fall, and for the occasion, they get not just one but three promos for it.

The first one is a spot with Scandal’s Kerry Washington, in which Washington informs Miss Piggy that she stole one of Kermit’s lines, and she huffs: “He stepped on my dreams!” If you’ll recall, Miss Piggy and Kermit recently had a contentious break up.

Miss Piggy is moving on nicely in the second promo, though, when she tries to introduce her new show, but gets distracted by Nathan Fillion’s butt.

The last one stars the Swedish Chef (my personal favorite) confusing The Middle’s Patricia Heaton when she tries to ask him about the craft service table he’s preparing.

The Muppets’ 2015 reboot will be an Office-style mockumentary about the day-to-day production of Up Late With Miss Piggy, and the personal and professional trials that arise as a result. Producers, some of whom are veterans of The Big Bang Theory and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, promise a “more adult” version of the Muppets, whose last ABC show, Muppets Tonight, about a Muppets variety show, aired for only two seasons, and was canceled in 1998. Sounds like this reboot already has more going for it, premise and writing-wise.